Integrative Medicine represents an evolving field within the medical sphere, which blends the strengths of complementary therapies with conventional medical interventions. This progressive method of healthcare allows us to expedite your recovery, address various elements affecting the healing process, and sustain peak well-being.
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Why Traditional Approaches to Healthcare Is Not Working

The United States has spent more than 4 trillion dollars (about $12,000 per person in the US) per year on healthcare in our country. We consume more than 75% of the entire world’s medications. Out of the top ten industrialized nations, we are ranked dead last. Traditional medicine’s focus on symptom management is a flawed approach to healthcare – by the time symptoms are present, usually the patient is in full blown disease.
The traditional approach to healthcare focuses on compartmentalizing a patient instead of looking at the patient as a whole person – which is how our body is designed to work.
We have seen thousands of patients in our practice, many of them with other healthcare conditions requiring co-management with their physicians or specialists. We noticed the same thing happening with patients suffering from pain – many sought care with their primary care physician, then maybe saw a chiropractor, pain management specialist, and/or physical therapist. The problem is that the providers did not communicate well with each other, and no one was overseeing the entire picture. This often means that the patient is left to self-advocate for their own care – which is ineffective and stressful.

Collaborative Approach to Healthcare: Changing the Medical Paradigm in Our Community

At Balance Wellspace, we are a team of healthcare professionals that includes medical providers, physical therapists, and chiropractors committed to helping our patients with various musculoskeletal and nerve-related conditions. We work collaboratively within our respective specializations to address our patient’s function and provide the necessary tools to help our patients get back to the activities that matter most to them. Our “whole body view,” addresses not just the symptoms that a patient experiences, but the cause of the dysfunction and pain. By working to improve all the factors contributing to your pain and dysfunction, we can dramatically improve symptoms and restore function.
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Making Necessary Adjustments

In our collaborative approach, we are also committed to making course corrections when a patient's progress deviates from expectations. We conduct twice-daily clinical team meetings to assess every patient on the schedule for that shift. This enables us to gather input from each provider regarding the patient's advancement, explore alternative treatment options, or potentially recommend referrals to specialists in the area.
This distinctive meeting structure sets our practice apart from other multi-disciplinary practices, as we function as a unified team, sharing insights and working together to find solutions that best serve our patients' goals and well-being.
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