Pain management without the use of medications or surgery.

Comprehensive and Efficient Pain Management

In cases of chronic spine and joint issues, opting for a non-medical treatment approach stands as a secure choice. Located in Christiansburg, Virginia, Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine provides an array of cutting-edge therapies that are not only natural but also remarkably effective. These therapies offer substantial respite from persistent and often long-term pain-related conditions.
Our team of healthcare professionals, operating from our all-inclusive integrative facility, employs state-of-the-art interventional techniques and personalized treatment regimens for each patient. Notably, this is accomplished without reliance on pharmaceuticals or resorting to surgical interventions. Such an approach maximizes the potential for pain management while averting potential hazards like detrimental side effects or the risk of dependency.

A Safer and Healthier Approach

The opioid crisis has cast a shadow over communities nationwide, including Christiansburg, Virginia. Even when utilized as directed, these pain-relief medications carry a high risk of addiction, with alarming rates of overdose. Disturbingly, many individuals who succumbed to addiction began their journey through prescriptions penned by medical practitioners to address genuine health concerns.
Despite the well-documented peril of opioid addiction, these drugs are still being prescribed for chronic pain. Countless alternatives to pain medications have proven to be just as effective, yet opioids remain in use. Given the genuine concern of addiction, it is our assertion that prescribing these medications without first exploring less invasive options is a grave dereliction of responsibility, and those prescribing them should be held accountable.

A Purposeful Approach to Natural Pain Relief

The first crucial step in responsible pain management is the thorough exploration of all available options, especially those that pose the lowest risk to patients. This includes revisiting the initial diagnosis to ensure its accuracy, as an incorrect diagnosis can lead to improper treatment and the development of chronic conditions. It also encompasses the consideration of alternative approaches, beyond conventional medical avenues, to determine the optimal solution with minimal side effects. Too often, pain management centers tend to focus on specific medications or surgical procedures, leaving patients reliant on addictive drugs when these treatments prove ineffective.
At Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine in Christiansburg, Virginia, we operate as an integrated practice with numerous non-medical, minimally invasive interventions that offer extraordinary efficacy for individuals grappling with chronic pain. We work in tandem across various healthcare disciplines to provide our patients with the finest treatment options, ensuring pain relief and the restoration of optimal function.

Non-Medical Pain Management at Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine

Our treatments in Christiansburg, Virginia are thoughtfully designed to address the root cause of a patient's pain, rather than merely masking or temporarily alleviating symptoms. As an integrative practice, we boast providers from diverse healthcare backgrounds, all possessing expertise in the treatment of both acute and chronic pain stemming from joint issues. We offer a diverse range of alternative solutions for natural relief and the management of chronic pain, including:
Trigger Point Injections
This treatment assists in alleviating muscle knots, promoting relaxation, and rebalancing the body's musculature. For the management of chronic pain associated with back or joint issues, this approach provides substantial relief, particularly when complemented by chiropractic care and comprehensive physical rehabilitation.
Regenerative Medicine
Employing human cellular tissue products derived from live, healthy births, this innovative method offers a natural approach to pain management. It is particularly effective for pain relief and management of chronic ligament problems or joint degeneration.
Physical Rehabilitation
Our comprehensive approach to physical rehabilitation considers the entire person, identifying muscle imbalances that may contribute to chronic pain. This comprehensive approach not only enhances joint strength during recovery but also provides a minimally invasive approach to chronic pain management.
Chiropractic Care
Our experienced Doctors of Chiropractic specialize in the treatment of chronic pain, including disc-related issues. This treatment option stands as a highly effective alternative to surgery for many pain management patients, offering natural relief for both back and joint problems.
Spinal Decompression Therapy
This innovative therapy effectively addresses pain related to disc-related issues. By reducing pressure within the problematic disc, it facilitates the flow of vital fluids and nutrients essential for healing. Spinal decompression therapy helps rehydrate the disc, alleviates nerve pressure, and mitigates pain.
Advanced Modalities
Virginia practice offers several cutting-edge therapies to combat inflammation, pain, and enhance cellular signaling. These tools include Shockwave Therapy, Sanexas Horizontal Therapy, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, and Pro-neurolight Therapy (Low-Level Light Therapy). These modalities are safe, non-invasive, and represent some of the most advanced alternative treatments available.
State of the Art Bracing
For many cases of chronic joint pain, we recommend specific medical braces designed to provide pain relief and assist with ongoing pain management. Our recommended braces in Christiansburg, Virginia are engineered to decompress the spine, stabilize it, and slow the progression of degenerative damage.

The Ultimate in Comprehensive, Natural Pain Management

At Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine, you can rest easy knowing that we will never prescribe addictive substances for pain management. Our integrated team, composed of both medical and non-medical professionals, is dedicated to crafting the most cutting-edge and efficient natural pain management strategy. Rather than merely tackling the symptoms, our treatments are meticulously designed to target the root cause of a patient's discomfort. We exclusively employ safe, non-invasive, non-addictive procedures and therapies in our practice.
The providers at Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine have dedicated their careers to assisting individuals suffering from joint pain in finding relief, optimizing their functionality, and steering clear of surgery. If you are grappling with chronic pain necessitating ongoing management, the experts at Balance Wellspace are the specialists you want on your side.
Each treatment we recommend at Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine in Christiansburg, Virginia is entirely natural, minimally invasive, non-addictive, boasts an impeccable safety record, and demands no downtime.

If you have chronic pain, and want a more responsible approach to your pain management, make your appointment today.


Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We gladly accept most health insurances. Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine is a participating provider in most insurance plans. It is important that you contact the customer service number on your insurance card to verify your chiropractic coverage. Please contact our office directly at (540) 824-1005 for additional information regarding these payment plans.
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