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What to Expect at Balance Wellspace as a New Patient
Balance Wellspace Team
Our team of dedicated health professionals are ready to help you start your journey to optimal health. From your very first point of contact, you can expect a caring and supportive experience. You can also expect one of the most thorough and extensive intake processes you have ever experienced in healthcare. We spend the time necessary to gather as much information as possible in the beginning to ensure an accurate diagnosis. This enables us to provide optimal treatment recommendations, which helps our patients obtain the best results.

New Patient Process in our Office:

  • The first step is to speak with our front desk team to schedule the initial examination. This phone call will involve answering questions about your condition, basic demographic information, insurance information, and a team member will provide you with information about our paperwork.
  • Our front desk team will schedule a comprehensive consultation and examination with our case manager and medical provider. You can expect an email to arrive with a link to our initial paperwork.
  • When you arrive in our office, you will be greeted by our friendly team. They will have you sign your paperwork. The case manager will take you back to a private room for a detailed consultation.
  • Once seen for an initial physical examination by our medical provider, the provider will determine if any x-rays are needed. This comprehensive process allows us to see a full picture of your current health and understand your goals with care.
  • All x-rays are sent to a radiologist to be read, although the chiropractor will review with you briefly any immediate findings noticed on the x-rays.
  • A second follow-up visit called a Report of Findings will be scheduled within the next 24-48 hours to review the findings from the examination, x-ray findings, treatment recommendations, and all financials will be disclosed prior to administering any care.
  • After the initial visit, the clinical team will meet to discuss all examination and x-ray findings, patient goals and the team will determine the best course of care to achieve the goals.
  • The treatment care plan recommendations will be forwarded to our billing and finance manager who will run all insurance benefits against the recommendations. This allows our Case Manager to provide a fully transparent financial estimate based on those values before you ever begin care in our office.
  • The Report of Findings appointment is where we will share the findings from the examination and x-ray, treatment care plan recommendations ordered by the clinical team, and the financials – including what your insurance benefits do and do not cover.
  • Finally, you will start your treatment with our team on that day who will thoughtfully and seamlessly coordinate your care.
We work hard to make this comprehensive new patient process as smooth as possible for our patients. It is our philosophy that it takes a village to get a patient well, which is why we spend the time necessary to provide the why behind everything we do. When a patient better understands their condition and why we are recommending specific treatments or services, they are then able to better help in the process – providing them the best outcomes.
New Patient Intake Form

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