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Physical Therapy with emphasis on optimal function for maximum results.

The Importance of Looking at the Entire Person in Correcting Painful Conditions

Understanding the Holistic Approach to Pain Management: Why Treating the Whole Person is Essential for Effective Pain Relief.
In order to address painful conditions, it is important to recognize that many of them stem from muscle imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns. When left unaddressed, these imbalances can cause uneven or unnatural loads on joints and muscles, leading to breakdown and eventually pain. To properly correct these imbalances and promote normal motion, it is necessary to assess the flexibility, strength, and coordination of the entire body.
At Balance Wellspace, our distinctive approach to physical therapy has transformed the lives of many individuals in Christiansburg, Virginia by addressing muscle imbalances, reinstating strength, flexibility, and appropriate function. To determine if Physical Therapy is the right fit for you, book an evaluation with us today.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy can be highly beneficial for both acute and chronic conditions, as well as aiding in the full recovery from injuries or medical procedures. This treatment can help address underlying weaknesses and improve mobility necessary for normal function. For acute injuries, Physical Therapy can also help reduce inflammation and pain, making it an ideal starting point for many conditions.

The greatest benefit of Physical Therapy is during the recovery process after injury, surgery, or stroke. Active Physical Therapy can be crucial in minimizing scar tissue and can have a significant impact on functional outcomes. Additionally, Physical Therapy is effective in treating chronic musculoskeletal conditions by improving strength, flexibility, and balance in the ligaments, muscles, and supportive structures. At Balance Wellspace in Christiansburg, Virginia, we provide personalized Physical Therapy programs to help you achieve optimal health and function.

Advantages of Physical Therapy

⦁ Acute and chronic conditions
⦁ Reduces pain and inflammation
⦁ Improves function
⦁ Improves balance
⦁ Improves coordination
⦁ Improves strength and muscle balance
⦁ Improves flexibility

Passive or Active Therapy: Discover the Difference?

There are two types of physical therapy that are used for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions - active and passive. The effectiveness of each type depends on the situation and how it is used.

Active physical therapy is a program that includes exercises, stretches, and functional tasks. Its goal is to rehabilitate, strengthen, and restore balance after an injury. Active physical therapy is also useful for managing chronic conditions and diseases, as well as for recovering from surgeries.

Passive physical therapy, on the other hand, involves modalities or therapies that do not require active movement or participation by the patient. Examples of passive therapy include electrical stimulation and ultrasound. These modalities can be helpful for managing pain, particularly in the early stages of acute cases. 
However, they rarely make a lasting difference, which is why they are usually used in the initial stages of care.

In order to achieve the best results, active physical therapy should be prioritized whenever possible because it does more for the body.

The Most Effective Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a natural and non-invasive treatment, but its effectiveness depends on how and when it is used, as well as an accurate diagnosis. Patients may not experience lasting results if they were misdiagnosed or if therapy was not the best solution for their condition. For example, a patient with a herniated disc may require both chiropractic care and physical therapy to achieve optimal results, and using physical therapy alone may not be sufficient.

Many physical therapy programs are based on traditional medicine's non-holistic approach, which separates the body into sections or organ systems for treatment and diagnosis. Another concern is that some active physical therapy programs only focus on the body part of complaint without addressing secondary compensations that often complicate those conditions. This limited approach may produce less functional results, as addressing these compensations is essential for optimal outcomes.

Visit Us at Balance Wellspace Christiansburg for Optimal Results with Physical Therapy

Consider choosing Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine if you are looking to achieve optimal results from Physical Therapy. Our team of highly trained Physical Therapists specializes in joint injuries, spinal instability, and joint regeneration programs, and we offer a comprehensive therapy program that takes into account the patient's entire structure. Unlike traditional physical therapy programs, we focus on individualized care by examining posture, structural alignment, and the most appropriate therapy for each patient's condition.

Our expert therapy team at Balance Wellspace can help patients recover from injuries and achieve the desired results. For spinal care patients, our comprehensive physical therapy is a perfect addition to stabilize structural changes and prevent further injury.
Our Physical Therapy is also crucial for regenerative medicine patients who wish to enhance joint space and avoid surgery. At Balance Wellspace, we can ensure the success of the treatment.
If you are interested in our integrative approach to physical therapy, call now to request your appointment!


Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We gladly accept most health insurances. Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine is a participating provider in most insurance plans. It is important that you contact the customer service number on your insurance card to verify your chiropractic coverage. Please contact our office directly at (540) 824-1005 for additional information regarding these payment plans.
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