Do not let joint pain limit your life!

Living With Chronic Joint Pain?

If you are someone suffering with chronic joint pain, we likely do not have to tell you that it can be very invasive to your quality of life. From experiencing issues while sleeping, standing, sitting, to it gradually impacting all the activities that are most important to you – chronic joint pain is very frustrating for most. Before you know it, NSAID’s become a daily necessity just to get through the day. Not to mention, many start to alter their whole life around their joint pain.
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Whether it is just one or multiple joints involved, we understand how debilitating joint pain can be. When you are finally willing to give in and seek professional help, the traditional medical approach typically involves more medications, harmful injections, and/or surgery. It is often a very stressful situation for most people.
Unfortunately, many people in Roanoke, Virginia who suffer with joint pain only get temporary relief because they never received a correct diagnosis in the first place. When the diagnosis is not accurate, it leads to ineffective treatment that either fails to provide relief or doesn’t address the cause of the problem. Meanwhile the costs continue to add up as the joint pain gets worse and the joint continues to degenerate.


Common Causes of Joint Pain

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1. Osteoarthritis

Diagnosis of joint pain can be tricky because there are often many causes present. While acute injuries account for numerous cases, the most common cause of ongoing joint pain in adults is osteoarthritis. This is the slow wear and tear of the ligaments and cartilage in your joints until eventually there is no more space. Once the joint space is gone, patients typically experience significant pain and instability until there is no other treatment option available other than surgery. 

Osteoarthritis takes years to develop. Given the early stages of osteoarthritis is not typically painful, many patients generally do not start seeking treatment until the later stages of the disease. While most people eventually end up with some amount of osteoarthritis in their joints, we expect the damage to be worse in those with a history of previous injuries, prior surgeries and the obese.

2. Pinched Nerves

“Pinched nerves” from misalignments in the spine or pelvis commonly cause pain and weakness in limbs and specific joints. Pinched nerves in the spine can also cause imbalances in the body’s muscles and ligaments, further contributing to joint pain and dysfunction.

It is important you go to a healthcare provider who looks at the entire picture so as not to miss the spine as a potential cause of joint pain. A misdiagnosis can lead to ineffective or even harmful treatment, not to mention prolonged suffering and progression of damage. Our team of providers are trained to help rule out joint pain that may be originating from the spine.
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3. Bursitis

Most of the major joints have a small fluid filled sac that helps cushion and protect the joint, called a bursa. Sometimes these bursae can become inflamed or irritated by injuries, overuse, or an over extension of the joint. Symptoms of bursitis include sharp pain with movement, tenderness over the area, swelling, and/or stiffness.

 If you have a true bursitis, expect it to be temporary. You should get relief with conservative treatment – including treatments to address inflammation and physical rehabilitation to address the muscle imbalances that often contribute to bursitis. Please note that if the bursitis doesn’t resolve within a few months, this often suggests other underlying problems likely causing your pain. For every bursitis diagnosis, it is essential to rule out other possible causes of joint pain - including arthritis or neuritis from the spine.

Joint Pain Treatment in Roanoke, Virginia

Masking Symptoms Leads to Surgery
Traditional medical treatment for joint pain usually begins with addressing the inflammation, often with NSAIDs. This is generally effective for short term relief. If the pain continues, eventually x-rays and/or MRI imaging help develop a diagnosis. Physical therapy is often needed after an injury or surgery. However, if all the potential causes of the joint pain are not addressed, the symptoms will likely continue to worsen over time.

Depending on the severity of the injury or condition, sometimes orthopedic surgery is unavoidable. Surgery should be a last resort whenever possible as the residual scar tissue is not nearly as flexible, functional, or strong as normal tissue. Scar tissue limits the mobility in a joint and that lack of movement is often the seed for degeneration of the joint.
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Unfortunately, for the majority of joint pain sufferers, traditional medical treatment does not offer effective options for those with osteoarthritis. Usually, patients are prescribed more medication to manage inflammation and provide pain relief, sometimes steroid injections (which hasten the degenerative process) will be recommended as well. But neither prevents the continued degeneration of the joint – until eventually a joint replacement surgery is necessary.
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Innovative New Options in Regenerative Medicine

The good news is there are many options in complementary medicine that are proving to be safer, less invasive, and much more effective. New ideas that include breakthrough products in regenerative medicine are now becoming the preferred treatment methods for joint pain sufferers in Roanoke, Virginia. Human tissue allografts combined with exosomes and growth factors are helping osteoarthritis patients with degenerative damage improve joint space, cushion the joint, and avoid surgery.
Balance Wellspace is an integrated team of healthcare professionals from several different disciplines. Our team includes medical providers, chiropractors, a physical therapist, physical therapist assistants, and rehabilitation technicians – each with a unique viewpoint and opinion to help our patients achieve the best outcomes. This is a huge advantage when it comes to deriving the most correct diagnosis for the cause of the problem. Joint pain that is the result of a structural problem often requires innovative therapies to get the best outcome. Be assured that Balance Wellspace uses the most state-of-the-art regenerative medicine products and techniques available.

Why Balance Wellspace for State-of-the-Art Joint Pain Relief?

Our Roanoke, Virginia joint pain treatment program combines a specific type of chiropractic with comprehensive functional physical rehabilitation and healing medical injections which provide optimal outcomes for our patients. If you need solid relief from joint pain, we have an excellent track record of helping patients with both acute injuries and chronic degenerative arthritis. Many of our patients have been able to put off or completely avoid joint replacement surgery. After treatment at Balance Wellspace, our patients benefit from relief of their joint pain with stronger, more stable joints allowing people to get back to the activities that matter most to them.
Whether you have joint pain from an acute injury or suffer with chronic arthritis, we are here to help.


Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We gladly accept most health insurances. Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine is a participating provider in most insurance plans. It is important that you contact the customer service number on your insurance card to verify your chiropractic coverage. Please contact our office directly at (540) 824-1005 for additional information regarding these payment plans.
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