Exciting New Options for Low Back Pain Sufferers with Regenerative Medicine.

Real Solutions for Low Back Pain

Approximately 80% of Americans experience lower back pain at some point during their lives, and the pain is often so severe it causes missed work. (1) At Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine in Roanoke, Virginia, we are highly experienced in the treatment of low back pain. Our team of providers offers innovative and customized treatments for lower back pain to help restore your quality of life and get back to the activities most important to you.
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If you have mild or severe low back pain, contact us first for the most accurate diagnosis and fastest path to pain relief. Call Balance Wellspace or make an appointment online today. If your low back pain is worsened from sitting, standing, walking, causing leg pain, or you are in acute pain, call us immediately!

Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide and is the number one reason for visits to a spine specialist. Back Pain can be the result of disc degeneration, arthritis, muscle pull and strains, muscle imbalances, and a host of other causes. Before prescribing any treatment for back pain, it is vital to know what is causing it. Our talented team of providers will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the exact reasons for your back pain and create an individualized treatment plan just for you.
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What symptoms does back pain cause?

Back pain symptoms can vary in type and severity. Common symptoms include:
⦁ Recurring lower back pain
⦁ Numbness and/or tingling into the buttocks or leg(s)
⦁ Muscle weakness, often noticeable difficulty lifting objects not typically a problem
⦁ Muscle spasms
⦁ Foot drop, weakness in toes, or numbness in the foot
⦁ Numbness in buttocks
⦁ Muscle stiffness and/or tenderness
⦁ Changes in bowel or bladder control
If you’re experiencing these symptoms, then your back pain may come from conditions that are degenerative in nature.
These conditions don’t heal naturally without treatment and get worse over time. The longer you go without effective treatment, the greater your chance for extensive damage.

The pain management spine specialist at Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine specialize in the treatment of degenerative back conditions and provide treatments that alleviate your pain and improve spine and back health.

Typical Causes of Back Pain

If you have severe pain in your back or pain radiating into your buttocks or leg(s) that lasts longer than 48 hours or consistently returns, you need to have it evaluated by an expert spine specialist. Medical physicians commonly (and mistakenly) misdiagnose most low back pain as muscular in origin.

At Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine in Roanoke, Virginia, we have a combined treatment experience of 50+ years. We find that most severe low back pain cases originate from an irritated or “pinched nerve” caused by an intervertebral disc that has shifted/misaligned. Fewer cases are caused by something else (SI joint, kidney, prostate, etc.), while the fewest cases being entirely muscular in origin (2).
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Relief for disc problems is often complicated by other spinal conditions, including:
⦁ Muscle and/or soft tissue injuries
⦁ Herniated discs
⦁ Spinal stenosis
⦁ Spondylolisthesis
⦁ Osteoarthritis
⦁ Scoliosis
⦁ Compression fractures
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Traditional Medical Approach to Low Back Pain

Typical medical treatment of low back pain includes the utilization of medication and surgery. Unfortunately, this doesn’t address the root cause of the problem for most severe low back pain cases. When you have a physical misalignment within your spine, no medication or surgery will be able to help achieve proper alignment. Anti-inflammatories may reduce the pain temporarily; however, they also slow down the long-term healing process. Combine this with the side effects of potentially damaging other organs – including the stomach and kidneys, it is not a great long-term solution.

Medicine in Numbers

Spinal surgeries for treatment of low back pain or radiculopathy should be kept as an ultimate last resort. Failure rates for back surgeries are as high as 40% (lumbar laminectomies without fusion) (3). Even in the most successful lower back surgeries, the residual scar tissue following the surgery often becomes the fuel for future severe arthritic deterioration. Patients who undergo further surgeries have much higher chances for failure. One study found only 30% of second back surgeries were considered successful, and the percentage drops drastically the more surgeries you have (4).
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Addressing the Root Cause of Low Back Pain

At Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine, we are very effective at helping patients achieve lasting relief with both acute and chronic low back pain. We are a cutting-edge facility with tools available to both accelerate the healing process and help address the underlying root cause of your pain to provide lasting relief of symptoms. To ensure our diagnosis and treatment is precise, we always perform all the necessary tests, exams, and x-rays.

Exciting New Options for Low Back Pain Sufferers with Regenerative Medicine

While chiropractic and physical rehabilitation do a great job at slowing osteoarthritis in the low back, regenerative medicine is the optimal treatment for helping the body heal the stiff, degenerative joints. Using human tissue allograft injections into the muscles of the low back, even severely arthritic spinal joints show less inflammation, pain relief, and improved ranges of motion. 

The best results for degenerative arthritis in th low back are seen when combining chiropractic, physical rehabilitation, and regenerative medicine together. This combination works extremely well for both acute and chronic low back pain symptoms.
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Advanced Care with the Integrative Team Approach

Low back pain treatment programs are put together by our integrated team of Providers, including Nurse Practitioners, Doctors of Chiropractic, Provider, and Rehabilitation Specialists. Working collaboratively as a team allows each provider to offer valuable recommendations within their respective specialty to help patients achieve optimal results. Whether you have pain when sitting, standing, sleeping, or walking, our Roanoke, Virginia Low Back Pain Relief Center will recommend the best course of action so you can get the prompt relief of symptoms you need. While nearly all the severe low back pain cases respond well with the care we offer, we also frequently recommend other adjunctive modalities for synergistic results.

Our most successful low back pain treatment programs include:

⦁ State of the Art Regenerative Medicine
⦁ Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation
⦁ Trigger point injections
⦁ Decompression Therapy
⦁ Functional Back Bracing
All the treatments we recommend at our Roanoke, Virginia clinic are drug-free, minimally invasive, have no adverse effects, and require no down time. If you have back pain, make an appointment now.


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Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We gladly accept most health insurances. Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine is a participating provider in most insurance plans. It is important that you contact the customer service number on your insurance card to verify your chiropractic coverage. Please contact our office directly at (540) 824-1005 for additional information regarding these payment plans.
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