ARP Wave™ Therapy

ARP therapy uses electrical currents at the site of an injury. The treatment uses a low-voltage electrical current to stimulate your nervous system.

Balance Wellspace is the sole ARP Wave™ Therapy facility in Southwestern Virginia.

Our facility utilizes a patented FDA-registered class 2 medical device, combined with specialized exercises, to effectively alleviate pain and improve the ranges of motion for our patients.

ARP Wave™ Technology has been instrumental in helping over 75,000 patients within a span of 15 years, boasting an exceptional success rate of over 95%. Patients undergoing ARP Wave™ therapy experience recovery from injuries and chronic pain up to 10 times faster compared to traditional methods.

Providing ARP Wave™ Therapy since 2017

The ARP Wave™ Neuro Recovery is an innovative therapy designed to address various conditions such as chronic joint and muscular pain, as well as aiding in the recovery from acute ligamentous injuries, and improving limited ranges of motion.
Unlike traditional medical tools like MRI or CAT scans that primarily identify the location of symptomatic pain, the ARP Wave™ technology is founded on the belief that all injuries have a neurological origin. It goes beyond merely pinpointing the site of pain and delves into identifying the root cause of the pain.
The ARP Wave™ system recognizes that acute and chronic pain arise when certain muscles fail to activate quickly enough or not at all, resulting in unintended stress being transmitted to ligaments, tendons, other soft tissues, and joints that are not equipped to handle such force. When either scar tissue or healthy tissue is present, neurological signals may be impeded which significantly restricts movement.

Where you have pain is where the problem ended up, NOT where it is coming from.

Conventional approaches such as surgeries, rehabilitation, medication, and strength training may not effectively resolve the issue because the force causing the problem still reaches the affected areas. However, the ARP Wave™ system, combined with its proprietary protocols, offers a unique solution. It allows us to pinpoint the neurological disconnection responsible for the issue, treat it at its’ source, reactivate the muscles, redirect the force away from the injured tissues, enhance blood flow to the area, and expedite the healing process.
By addressing the underlying neurological causes and treating the muscles responsible for absorbing force, the ARP Wave™ therapy offers a comprehensive approach to pain management, enabling individuals to recover fully and enjoy a pain-free life.

One of the notable devices we employ is the ARP Wave™ RX Black, which employs direct current (DC) in conjunction with a patented background waveform to generate precise muscle contractions. These contractions enhance active ranges of motion and enable eccentric (lengthening) contractions. The ARP Wave™ RX Black has received authorization as a class 2 medical device from the FDA, and its applications include:
⦁ Neuromuscular Reeducation
⦁ Prevention of Muscle Spasms
⦁ Increased Local Blood Circulation
⦁ Prevention and Retardation of Disuse Atrophy
⦁ Maintenance and Improvement of Ranges of Motion

Important notes about ARP Wave™ Therapy

With the above applications, compensation patterns are corrected, pain in the affected muscles is alleviated, muscle strength is rapidly developed, muscle-related injuries are prevented through the improvement of force absorption resulting in an accelerated healing process.

It is important to note that ARP Wave™ treatment encompasses more than just the device itself. Our protocols have been meticulously developed to enhance the tissue effects of the ARP Wave™ RX Black neuromuscular stimulator. By reducing inhibitory protective muscle contractions, these protocols enable the delivery of higher voltage output to the treated tissue. Once maximum voltage is reached, our unique methodologies in strength training are employed to expedite recovery.

While the ARP Wave™ RX Black can be utilized similarly to standard neuromuscular electrical stimulators alongside conventional physical rehabilitation and strength training methods, its distinct characteristics are best harnessed when integrated with the hundreds of specific ARP Wave protocols designed to address a wide range of muscle injuries.

ARP Wave™ Technology can provide:

Fast Drug-Free Pain Management
Fast Recovery From Injury
Incredible Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Treatment of Many Hard-to-Treat Conditions (see below)

Types of Injuries and Conditions ARP Wave™ Can Treat
⦁ Low back pain
⦁ Neck pain
⦁ Radiculopathy
⦁ Disc bulge or herniation
⦁ Sciatica
⦁ Iliotibial Band Syndrome
⦁ Hip Bursitis
⦁ Plantar Fasciitis
⦁ Achilles Tendonitis
⦁ Ankle Sprain/Strain
⦁ Runner’s Knee
⦁ Patellar Tendonitis
⦁ Meniscus Injury
⦁ Rotator Cuff Syndrome
⦁ Shoulder Impingement
⦁ Tennis Elbow
⦁ Golfer’s Elbow
⦁ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
⦁ Headaches/Migraines
⦁ TMJ Disorder
⦁ Post joint replacement surgery

Who Shouldn't Use It?
Anyone with a pacemaker is not a suitable candidate for ARP, as the treatment can alter the electrical current in the device, which can be dangerous for those with a heart condition. Pregnant women should not use ARP. Individuals with blood clots should avoid ARP until the issue is resolved.

Want to see a 20%-25% reduction in pain after your first visit?

Over 8 million sports injuries occur each year, and healing can take months for some people. Imagine if there was a faster process to getting back to your normal physical activity. Come see what NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA and other Professional and College Athletes have been doing for years. This amazing treatment is now available to you!
The ARP Wave™ Neuro Recovery is an innovative therapy designed to address various conditions such as chronic joint and muscular pain, as well as aiding in the recovery from acute ligamentous injuries, and improving limited ranges of motion. Request an appointment today and start your journey towards optimal wellness.
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Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We gladly accept most health insurances. Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine is a participating provider in most insurance plans. It is important that you contact the customer service number on your insurance card to verify your chiropractic coverage. Please contact our office directly at (540) 824-1005 for additional information regarding these payment plans.
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