Revitalizing the body's natural healing mechanisms for accelerated recovery.

Discover Regenerative Medicine at Balance Wellspace Denver

At Balance Wellspace Denver, we specialize in regenerative medicine to facilitate healing for our patients dealing with injuries. Our focus lies in therapies that empower the body's innate ability to mend injuries autonomously.

Empowering You Towards Recovery

Regenerative medicine is particularly effective for acute injuries and proves invaluable for individuals grappling with arthritic or degenerative joint conditions, especially those considering joint replacement surgery.

Pioneering Regenerative Medicine since 2017

We are proud to be a leading provider of regenerative medicine services in the Denver area, pioneering this transformative approach since 2017. Our commitment to innovation ensures optimal outcomes, continually refining protocols and products to meet evolving needs.
Our advanced regenerative therapy programs have offered relief to countless patients battling joint pain or contemplating surgery. Whether it's back pain, neck pain, joint discomfort, osteoarthritis, or impending joint surgery, the expert team at Balance Wellspace Denver is here to help.

Avoiding Invasive Procedures: A Wiser Choice

Traditional medical routes often steer patients towards invasive joint replacement surgery. With over a million total joint replacements performed annually in the United States, this figure is projected to skyrocket to nearly four million by 2030.
Regenerative medicine provides a promising alternative, addressing the root cause of joint issues rather than merely masking symptoms. By fostering tissue repair and regeneration, it offers hope for those seeking to sidestep invasive interventions.

Regenerative Solutions at Balance Wellspace Denver

Embracing the Regenerative Medicine Revolution
Regenerative technologies aim to enhance and restore the body's natural repair processes. By leveraging healthy tissues or prompting regenerative responses, these approaches hold immense potential, particularly in combating osteoarthritis and promoting active, pain-free living.

Innovative Healing Approaches

Regenerative Healthcare: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy harnesses the body's own healing potential, using concentrated platelets from the patient's blood to accelerate tissue repair. This minimally invasive procedure targets various ailments, from joint and muscle pain to conditions like osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Unlocking Healing Potential with Human Tissue Allografts
Human tissue allograft treatments offer a natural and effective means of tissue regeneration. Sourced from placental and umbilical cord donations, these therapies provide essential growth factors and nutrients, fostering tissue repair and alleviating pain.

Embrace a Natural, Non-Invasive Approach

Regenerative medicine offers a safe and holistic alternative to surgery, boasting minimal downtime and virtually no adverse effects. With its emphasis on natural healing processes, it stands as a beacon of hope for patients seeking relief from acute and chronic conditions.
Experience the Benefits of Regenerative Medicine
Discover the transformative power of regenerative medicine at Balance Wellspace Denver. With its natural, minimally invasive approach, it offers a safer and more effective alternative to traditional treatments, empowering you to embrace a life free from pain and limitations. Schedule your appointment today to embark on your journey towards rejuvenated health and vitality.


Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We gladly accept most health insurances. Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine is a participating provider in most insurance plans. It is important that you contact the customer service number on your insurance card to verify your chiropractic coverage. Please contact our office directly at (540) 824-1005 for additional information regarding these payment plans.
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