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The Best Bracing for Pain Relief and Optimal Results

Lumbar Bracing: A Crucial Element in Low Back Care

Selecting the right brace for your lower back can significantly alleviate pain, maintain proper alignment, and prevent re-injury. It's essential to understand that not all back braces are equal—construction and fit profoundly impact their effectiveness. If improperly fitted or worn, a back brace can weaken lower back muscles and increase vulnerability to injury. Thus, the most effective braces are prescribed by healthcare professionals.
At Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine in Denver, we confront acute and chronic back pain daily. We frequently recommend Lumbosacral Orthosis (LSO) back braces to our patients with low back pain, as they play a vital role in pain relief and corrective care. We possess the expertise to utilize back braces and lumbar supports effectively for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Our recommended LSO braces are state-of-the-art, medical-grade, and often covered by insurance plans. Contact us for more details.

The Downside of Store-Bought Back Braces

Over-the-counter braces often fail to yield the same results as medically prescribed ones. These braces typically offer limited sizing options and may not fit various body types uniformly, leading to inconsistent support and comfort. Some lower back pain patients require support in specific areas that off-the-shelf braces cannot adequately provide.
In addition to quality and fit issues, store-bought back braces lack guidance on optimal usage. Prolonged use of a back brace can weaken lower back and core muscles, resulting in spinal instability.

Introducing the LSO Back Brace

The Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (LSO) Back Brace aims to alleviate low back pain and serve as a medication-free alternative. In a survey conducted by Disc Disease Solutions (2011 and 2014) involving 879 participants, 65% reported relief within an hour of wearing the LSO Back Brace. This brace is highly recommended for external support during injury rehabilitation, enabling patients to remain mobile and active during recovery. Moreover, it offers optimal protection for the lower back during activities like work, bending, and lifting, as advised by your physician.

Advantages of the LSO Back Brace

The LSO Back Brace is meticulously designed, medical-grade posture support commonly prescribed by doctors. Beyond its superior construction, patients benefit from tailored advice on usage from their healthcare providers. In addition to natural pain relief and protection against spinal instability during treatment, the LSO brace aids in injury prevention and enhances outcomes. A recent study demonstrated that individuals wearing the LSO in conjunction with standard care had significantly higher success rates compared to those solely receiving standard care.
For eligible patients, this lower back orthosis may be covered by Medicare and other major medical insurance plans.

Balance Wellspace's Lumbar Support Recommendations

At Balance Wellspace, addressing spinal ligament instability is pivotal for successful treatment outcomes, with the LSO back brace playing a significant role. We've witnessed remarkable results in pain relief and quality of life improvement by assisting patients in returning to meaningful activities. After recommending a back brace, we ensure a customized fit and provide precise instructions on usage duration and technique. To explore the possibility of obtaining an LSO back brace, schedule an appointment with us to determine insurance eligibility.

Premium Knee Braces in Roanoke, Virginia

If you're dealing with knee pain or osteoarthritis, an unloader knee brace can be immensely beneficial. Unlike basic compression sleeves, unloader knee braces with dual-sided hinges not only provide relief but also serve as effective stabilizers for damaged ligaments—a common occurrence in knee pain cases.
At Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine, we endorse top-tier unloading braces to expedite knee injury recovery and address chronic conditions. Reach out to us to explore whether an unloader knee brace could alleviate your discomfort.

Obtain the Right Knee Brace from the Start

While knee braces and compression sleeves are widely available, not all provide adequate support. Cheaply priced braces often lack durability and may exacerbate knee issues, potentially leading to further damage. Without an accurate diagnosis, there's a risk of selecting the wrong type of brace for your specific condition.
In many instances, only unloader braces or hinged braces can offer the necessary stabilization due to internal knee joint imbalances. While over-the-counter braces or sleeves may offer some relief, consulting a medical professional promptly ensures optimal outcomes.

Natural Pain Relief for Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of chronic knee pain, characterized by cartilage and ligament deterioration within the joint. This degenerative process often necessitates total joint replacement surgery due to severe pain and instability. A high-quality hinged knee brace can provide essential support and stabilization for deteriorating knee joints.
In cases of knee pain, degeneration typically affects one side of the joint, leading to physical deformities over time. While compression sleeves offer some support, unloader knee braces are preferable. These braces redistribute pressure from the affected side to the healthier side, reducing pain and enhancing functionality.

Impact of Hinged Unloader Knee Braces on Degeneration

When adjusted to alleviate pressure on the degenerated side of the joint, unloader knee braces can temporarily slow or halt degeneration while worn. Consistent use in the upright position can prevent further deterioration, especially when combined with regenerative medicine. Moreover, the hinged design of unloading braces enhances joint stability, particularly in cases where supportive ligaments have deteriorated.

Benefits of Unloader Knee Braces:

  • Pain relief without medication
  • Support during injury recovery
  • Slows or halts degeneration
  • Stabilizes damaged ligaments
  • Enhances regenerative medicine outcomes
  • Fully adjustable for a customized fit

Why Bracing Is Advised After Regenerative Medicine

Providers recommend unloading joints post-injection with a brace for several reasons, including:

  1. Aligning the joint correctly during healing to ensure proper recovery.
  2. Reducing excessive pressure and inflammation around the joint.
  3. Creating space within the degenerated compartment for tissue regeneration and cell migration.

Why Choose Balance Wellspace for Your Bracing Needs

At Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine, effectively treating knee osteoarthritis is a primary focus, with unloading braces playing a crucial role in achieving successful outcomes. We highly recommend these braces for both acute and chronic knee conditions to provide structural support and pain relief. After recommending an unloader knee brace, we offer personalized fitting and detailed usage instructions.
Throughout a regenerative medicine program, we closely monitor the brace's fit and efficacy, ensuring it aligns with our patients' treatment goals. To determine if you could benefit from a hinged unloader knee brace, schedule an appointment with us. For eligible patients, knee bracing may be covered by Medicare and/or other major medical insurance plans.
If you seek stabilization during your healing journey for optimal results, connect with the experts at Balance Wellspace today.


Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We gladly accept most health insurances. Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine is a participating provider in most insurance plans. It is important that you contact the customer service number on your insurance card to verify your chiropractic coverage. Please contact our office directly at (540) 824-1005 for additional information regarding these payment plans.
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