We have intentionally designed our integrative medical practice to include the most advanced technology and services available combined with a team of providers that are committed to continued learning and providing top-notch care. Our approach looks at you as a whole person and considers all the factors that could contribute to your path of improved health and function. Whether you need to heal from an injury, treat pain, or improve your performance, Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine has a passion for your health.
Committed to doing what it takes to help you achieve the best results.

Our dedicated team carefully and thoughtfully treats:

Neck, back, knee, and joint pain
Auto injuries
Sports injuries
Chronic pain
Neuropathic Pain
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Transparency: Healing Starts with Understanding

Transparency is one of our values and we take this very seriously. Our philosophy is that an educated patient makes a great patient. Meaning, if everyone understands the why behind what we are doing, they will be more likely to follow our recommendations and ultimately obtain the best results.

Healing starts with our detailed intake process and learning as much as we can about you and your health. This means asking a lot of questions and diving into not just your primary concern, but other conditions you may be experiencing that could also be helped under our care. By looking at the entire picture, we can gain a better understanding of all the factors that could be contributing to your current condition.
On the second visit, we take the time necessary to educate you about your specific findings from the examination, x-rays (if taken), and the recommendations that were ordered from the clinical team.

Before any care is administered, we share the estimated out of pocket based on any insurance plan coverage, including deductibles, co-pays, and/or co-insurance. This allows you to make an informed decision about your health and prevents surprises along the way.

Organized and Efficient

Organized and Efficient are two words most would never use when describing a medical or healthcare experience. But we have worked very hard to ensure every moment in our space is smooth, productive, and stress-free. We have carefully crafted our care plans to address all the components that could impact your outcome. More importantly – we have built our team with top providers in their respective specialization. To provide the best results, it is vital to have a team committed to the best outcomes – which means they are willing to work with other providers in different specializations and think outside the box.

Typical Flow Through Our Wellspace

Our office is unique, as it is not uncommon for patients to be seen by two or even three different providers in any given visit. Once you accept care in our office, the Case Manager will give you a tour of the office so that you can see firsthand the departments that you will be working with according to the recommendations for your specific case. This could include physical medicine, physical rehabilitation, and/or chiropractic.

You will be introduced to your initial provider by our Case Manager and receive care at that time. Upon completion of that visit, the provider will bring you to the next department to ensure your experience is stress-free.

When you arrive for a follow up visit in our office, you will be checked in by our front desk team. They will hand you a card that is designed to track all the different services potentially ordered for your care. They will then help direct you to the department where you will begin care for that visit. Our team will help guide you to any other providers needed for each specific visit.

Details Matter

We have developed our program to consider all the details necessary for successful outcomes. Most visits are seamless with minimal waiting, which reduces the stress often accompanying typical medical office visits.

It Takes a Village

You are not alone for this journey – you have an entire team behind you! We purposely foster a supportive environment with a focus on results – do not be surprised if you hear words of encouragement from team members or even other patients throughout your care in our office. You may even have Bentley or Finley, our team pups, join you for some physical rehabilitation while you are here!

Meet The Team

Dr. Jennifer Walker, Founder, CEO, Chiropractor

Dr. Jennifer Walker, Founder, CEO, Chiropractor

Dr. Jennifer Walker is the founder and Chief Executive Officer for Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Walker started her career as an Exercise Physiologist in a chiropractic and medical clinic. Although she had never had any significant pain in her neck or back, she had suffered with chronic ear infections since childhood. Through the examination process, she learned she was already showing signs of spinal degeneration in her neck. With chiropractic care, her neck function improved and the chronic ear infections resolved. Her personal experience with chiropractic inspired her to enroll in chiropractic school to help others also improve their overall health and function without the use of medications or surgery.

Dr. Walker started her practice in 2002 in Cape Cod, MA before relocating the practice to Roanoke, Virginia in 2006. Her vision has always been to radically change how people view healthcare with a focus on showing patients how they can take an active and proactive approach to their own health.

Dr. Walker earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the University of Western States in 2001. Her passion of continued learning has allowed her to incorporate some of the most cutting-edge technology available to the Roanoke Valley. She continues to grow and evolve her practice at Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine to bring the best healthcare options to her community.
Clinical Team

Dr. Rachel Evans - Chiropractor

Jenna Leigh, Rehab Tech

Paula Tompkins, Neuropathy Program Manager & Case Manager

Heather Kidd, Lead Neuropathy Tech

Diana Alls - Radiology Tech/MA

Sara Jane Jones, Case Manager

Logan Edwards, Rehab Tech

Joseph Santiago, Exercise Physiologist

BJ Wilson - Neuropathy Tech

Jenna Leigh, PTA

Administrative Team

Jackie Hopkins, Finance Manager

Sheri M. Andrea, Sales and Marketing Manager

Ashleigh Burnett - Front Desk Receptionist

Shirin Ornelas, sfDesk Receptionist

Rachel Evans - Chiropractor

Shirin Ornelas, sfDesk Receptionist

Bentley Oliver, Door Greeter

Finley Xavier, Door Greeter

Teddy, Door Greeter

Shirin Ornelas, sfDesk Receptionist

Our Culture

Our team of healthcare providers are committed to doing what it takes to help you get back to the activities most important to you.

At Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine, we believe that being healthy is about more than treating illnesses. We are passionate about helping you make proactive health and lifestyle choices. Our team is ready to help you live a healthier life!
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