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December 20, 2022,

How Chiropractic Adjustments Help With Your Headaches

You already know how disruptive, debilitating headaches can be to your daily life if you suffer from them on a regular basis. Headaches can prevent you from feeling like yourself, whether you have a mild, dull ache, a severe throbbing pain, or painful tension headaches along the scalp and neck.

Understanding Spinal Manipulation:

A spinal manipulation, also known as an "adjustment," will be done when you go to a chiropractor for headache treatment. Your doctor will typically adjust your neck's spine to treat headaches, but depending on the findings of your exam, they might also adjust your back.

Your chiropractor will locate the various vertebrae that are misaligned or have a subluxation and are putting pressure on your nerves using a targeted methodology. This additional nervous system stress is frequently what is preventing your body from operating normally and causing your headaches.

Why It Matters

There are additional lifestyle changes that can help prevent headaches from ever occurring, in addition to routine chiropractic adjustments. Paying attention to your triggers should be your first step. What frequently causes headaches for you? What activities or circumstances are most likely to result in headaches?

For many people, the most common causes of headaches are:

  • Stress
  • Poor sitting posture or sitting for too long
  • Spending too much time looking at your phone or computer
  • Eating certain foods
  • Dehydration
  • Environmental factors such as light and noise
  • Poor sleep habits

Of course, these headaches could also be brought on by more severe medical conditions. During an examination, your chiropractor will be able to determine if there is something more serious causing your headaches. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that your family chiropractor is there to relieve your pain and help you get back on the path to better health.

Next Steps

You should never feel like you have to live with your headaches for the rest of your life. A study from Australia found that 72% of migraine sufferers had either substantial or noticeable improvement after a period of chiropractic care.

When you work with your chiropractor, they can discuss a treatment plan with you to make sure things stay aligned. This is also the time you can ask your doctor any questions you have about your treatment or about your body in terms of chiropractic care. Your chiropractor may recommend stretches or exercises in order to continue treatment while you’re at home.

Remember that after each visit, you should drink your daily recommended dose of water and avoid doing anything too strenuous. You don’t want to undo all of your work!

If you or a loved one is suffering from headaches, we highly recommend that you come visit us at Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine. Our team of highly trained professionals is here to help in any way that we can. Contact us today with any questions that you may have. We hope to see you for all of your integrative care needs.

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