October 17, 2022,

Finding relief from knee pain, naturally.

Finding relief from knee pain, naturally.

The Bottom Line:

Knee pain can make it challenging to go about your daily life and affect everything from your ability to go for a walk or enjoy your favorite activities. For these reasons, knee pain should be treated as soon as you feel it. Being such a common condition, it only makes sense to find ways to alleviate knee pain from home in easy-to-implement changes to daily habits that could be causing knee pain.

Why It Matters:

After receiving an evaluation and treatment plan, taking care of your knees from home is the next thing you can do to reduce and prevent more knee pain. But where should you start?

1. Heat or Ice: These therapies work in different ways to reduce knee pain. If you have sustained an injury and your knee is swollen, it is best to stick with ice as heat may make swelling worse. A general recommendation is to place an ice pack on the knee for 15 minutes at a time with a cloth between the ice pack and the skin. A general recommendation for heat is to be utilized if the knee is not swollen, using a heating pad or warm cloth.

2. Therapeutic Exercise: Therapeutic exercise, including aerobic exercise and weight training, can lead to reductions in inflammation and strengthening of the knee joints. Another activity, the mind-body exercise of Tai-Chi, maybe a low-impact way to alleviate knee pain and discomfort.

3. Supplements: While any supplements should be taken under the direct supervision of a healthcare provider, there is developing research showing their effectiveness in reducing symptoms of knee pain. As there are many natural supplements that have amazing anti-inflammatory effects, starting with things like ginger and vitamin E have shown promising results in research!

Next Steps:

However, if you are experiencing knee pain, remember it's important to call us as soon as possible. Delaying your treatment may worsen symptoms. Balance Well space has helped many people in Virginia find natural relief from knee pain.

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