November 22, 2022,

Brain Hacking: The Vagus Nerve

The Bottom Line:

Picture this! A stressful project you have been working on over the past few months is finally wrapping up, and it is time to present your ideas to the company. The night before your presentation, you can't sleep.

Eating makes your stomach hurt. You notice your heart is beating faster than usual. You feel the stress and anxiety running through your body.

The next day your presentation goes terrific, and suddenly the hunger comes back, you are ready for a nap, and your body feels more at ease.

These body functions are evidence of your vagus nerve working in overdrive.

The vagus nerve is responsible for multiple functions and organs in the body, including your heart and digestive system.

Why it Matters:

Stress is a massive factor in the way the body conducts itself on a day-to-day basis. Stress initiates the sympathetic response in the body, most commonly referred to as fight or flight. When our body functions in this manner for too long, our habits begin to alter for the worse. These new unhealthy habits can lead to diseases and illnesses including:

● Chronic Stress and Anxiety

● Obesity

● Nausea

● Chronic Inflammation

Next Steps:

Doctors and researchers found a fantastic way to regulate your nervous system if you get stuck in the harmful stress cycle. This method is hacking the vagus nerve, and it is pretty simple and very effective. Here are some examples of healthy steps you can take:

● Avoid your triggers: what makes you stressed and how can you change that unhealthy situation

● Practice deep breathing

● Meditate for 10-15 minutes per day

● Focus on your diet and gut health: include probiotics and vitamins in your routine

● Exercise

If you have noticed you're stuck in a routine of stress and need help getting your health back on track, schedule an appointment with us today.

Science Source:

"How to hack your own Vagus nerve." Neuvana, 2020.

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