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November 28, 2022,

Balancing Your Mind and Body

The Bottom Line:

The body's and mind's ultimate goal is to endure all that life has to throw at them. Doctors want the body and mind to be strong but flexible so it can stand up to anything. In science, we call this homeostasis, but in everyday life, we call it balance.

When the mind encounters stress, it treats the situation like life or death. Therefore, your body will only perform well enough to get you out of harm's way. What if we want to not only survive but prosper?
Balancing your mind and body will assist you when stressful situations occur and allow the body to reach homeostasis once again.

Why it matters:

Prospering in the body and mind's way of celebrating when we reach our goals. The goals could include losing weight, getting a promotion at work, or having a child. Our body struggles to prosper and does not allow us to meet our goals when under stress. It focuses on that we do not get eaten by the fictional lion. Side effects of an unbalanced mind and body include:
● Acute/Chronic Stress
● Fatigue
● Lack of motivation
● Anxiety and depression
● Overeating or not eating enough

Next Steps:

Balancing the body is mainly focused on reducing stress and increasing motivation. Many people practice this balancing in a multitude of ways. Here is a list of some of the most popular methods for balancing the mind and body:
● Meditation
● Deep-breathing
● Yoga
● Exercise mindfulness
● Give your brain some quiet time

If you notice any of the symptoms listed above or want to know more about mind and body balancing, please schedule a visit with Balance Wellspace today.

Science Source:

"How to feel more balanced in mind, body, and soul." Fresh Insight, 2020.

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