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At Balance Wellspace, we are a team of healthcare professionals that includes medical providers and chiropractors committed to helping our patients with various musculoskeletal and nerve-related conditions. We work collaboratively within our respective specializations to address our patient’s function and provide the necessary tools to help our patients get back to the activities that matter most to them. Our “whole body view,” addresses not just the symptoms that a patient experiences, but the cause of the dysfunction and pain. By working to improve all the factors contributing to your pain and dysfunction, we can dramatically improve symptoms and restore function.

About Our Integrative Medical Practice

At Balance Wellspace, we embrace the comprehensive perspective that health extends beyond mere disease management. We're driven by a dedicated commitment to guiding you toward proactive health and lifestyle decisions. Our friendly and experienced team stands prepared to empower you on your journey towards a vibrant and wholesome life. Let's start your path to vitality together!
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What to Expect at Balance Wellspace as a New Patient

Our team of dedicated health professionals are ready to help you start your journey to optimal health. From your very first point of contact, you can expect a caring and supportive experience. You can also expect one of the most thorough and extensive intake processes you have ever experienced in healthcare.

Why Balance Wellspace?

Integrative Medicine is an emerging specialization within medicine that combines the best of both worlds - complementary therapies and traditional medical treatments. Through this innovative approach to care, we can help you feel better faster and address the many factors that impact healing and maintain optimal health.

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At Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine, we offer a wide variety of innovative services that allows us to successfully treat numerous conditions in patients of all ages. We believe that being healthy is about more than treating illnesses. We are passionate about helping you make proactive health and lifestyle choices. Our team is ready to help you live a healthier life!

Regenerative Healthcare
Regenerative medicine is very effective for acute injuries, but is mostly used by patients with arthritic, degenerative joints - in particular, patients facing joint replacement surgery.
Neuropathy Treatment
The providers at Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine have a 90%+ success rate with patients receiving treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy. 
Physical Rehabilitation
Physical Rehabilitation provides significant help for both acute and chronic conditions. It can also be vital to aid in full recovery from certain injuries and/or medical procedures.
Medical Weight Loss
Balance Wellspace, is excited to offer a program known for producing amazing weight loss results with minimal side effects to those struggling with traditional weight loss methods.

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About Us

We have intentionally designed our integrative medical practice to include the most advanced technology and services available combined with a team of providers that are committed to continued learning and providing top-notch care. Our approach looks at you as a whole person and considers all the factors that could contribute to your path of improved health and function. Whether you need to heal from an injury, treat pain, or improve your performance, Balance Wellspace has a passion for your health.

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If you're suffering from Burning, Tingling, Stinging Nerve Pain, your relief begins here an now. Our specialized consultation dives deep into your unique symptoms, pinpointing the triggers that cause and treat the reasons causing your pain.
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